Twetch Pay

Twetch pay is a simple way to accept payments on your website from a number of wallet providers and payment methods.

Currently supported wallets are Money Button, RelayX and Maxthon VBox.

The simplest Twetch Pay usage looks like this:

// in HTML
<script src=""></script>

// in javascript{ outputs: [{
    to: '1harrywon46Aq2b2TK29wKviKUiDzc9EQ',
    amount: 0.0002

The twetchPay object

Including the TwetchPay embed on your makes twetchPay available on the browser's window object. It has one asynchronous method, pay that resolves with a payment object upon a successful payment and throws if there was an error. pay returns undefined if the payment was canceled.

Available options:


An array containing a list of output ojects. Each output object may have the following properties:

  • to: (string) - bitcoin address
  • amount: (number) - amount of bitcoin (BSV)
  • script: (string) - valid bitcoin script using ASM format


A string array of available wallets for use in the widget. Options are: moneybutton, relayx and vbox.


A function that is called after a successful payment


A function that is called when an error occurs during the payment


Additional properties passed into moneybutton.


Additional propeties passed into relayx


Whether to enable debugging logging


Optional. Set application name for some wallets (such as VBox) that need it. Default: 'Twetch Pay'


Optional. Set application logo for some wallets (such as VBox) that need it. Default: ''


Optional. Set prodeuct name for some wallets (such as VBox) that need it. Default: 'Purchase'